PPMS: Usage tracker

All Bioimaging Facility equipment with system computers are equipped  with  usage trackers. Please take the following into account:

WORKSTATIONS: Since one logs-on with own user-credentials, the PPMS tracker work with your windows log-on. It is essential to sign-out after use!

MICROSCOPES / CYTOMETRY: On BIF equipment, we make use of shared local accounts. for this reason, the PPMS tracker here works with a 2-step log-on:

1. Firstly, one needs to first log-on to the microscope with the local BIF-user account, just as before. (e.g. ‘.\bif-user’, ‘.\LSMuser’ etc, see sticker on monitor for correct one)

2. Secondly, you needs to log-on with your own IST/PPMS credentials

3. Lastly, it is essential to Sign out from the computer after your slot! When not doing so, the tracker remains active. This is also required for the newly  planned data-transfer infrastructure

! please be reminded that it is not allowed to share you IST credentials with anyone