Non-charged equipment

The Bioimaging Facility provides a number of non-charged devices for sample preparation or checking, as well as experimental accessories.

Non-charged microscopes

  • upright Light Microscope
    1. Zeiss Axio Imager (I06.U1.403): book in PPMS
  • 3 Stereo Microscopes for general use
    1. Leica stereo microscope (I04.U1.019): book in PPMS
    2. Olympus Stereo BFB (I04.U1.018): book in PPMS
    3. Olympus Stereo LBE (I06.U1.403): book in PPMS

Additional Accessories and Equipment

The Bioimaging facility has additional equipment that can be used. To coordinate the use of these, we ask you to book the equipment. There are no charges for these: