Usage Policy: Microscopes

All users are obligated to leave a clean and neat working space for the next user on any system!


  • All systems need to be booked before use: see booking system
  • All users need a training by the BioImaging Facility staff before they can book a specific system
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any of the setups without booking or training
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any of the setups on the name or booking of another user

Bookings can not be made longer than 14 days in advance

USAGE: The responsibility of any BIF system is taken over by the next user (see guidelines in case something is not in order, notify the previous user, clean it or notify us – but don’t leave it as is!

  • If there is any mess or damage left from previous user, inform us immediately, otherwise last booked user is responsible!
  • In case any instrument is not working properly: you need to inform the Bio-Imaging Facility immediately!
  • If you come at the start of your booked slot and find someone’s sample at the system – remove it and feel free to start your experiment.
  • If case you only want to copy data: please leave a notepad-window open on the screen with a short message with your name, time and date.
  • If you leave your sample until next user comes and do not want it to be trashed, leave instructions at the system for the next user, what to do with your sample
  • Any experiments runs until the user removes his sample / the system is transferred to a next users, or the system is switched off. Bookings need to be made for the whole duration of an experiment.
  • Additional night booking guidelines apply during night time (see further below)


  1. Bookings can not be made longer than 14 days in advance
  2. We make use of different time-blocks to indicate availability and pricing:
    • prime time: Mo-Fr 8:00am – 8:00pm → FOR ALL OTHER SYSTEMS
    • non-prime time: Mo-Fr 8:00pm – 8:00am
    • night-time: Mo-Fr 11:00pm – 8:00am
    • weekend: Fr 8:00pm – Mo 8:00am

! Prime time is indicated per system in the booking system – some systems have a 4 hours limit per user/day within prime time!

! Fragmentation of bookings (e.g.  4 x 1hour) is not permitted

Public holidays will be considered the same as non-prime-time hours and/or weekend for limits and reservations, including  ‘novice’ user rights.


  • It is obligatory to make a reservation before making use of any system: see booking system
  • All users should use the comment-line to indicate desired duration of booking: these comments are to be respected by other users! Comment field reservation for prolonged slots need to be reserved as soon as the booking period opens up! To enforce this, we will  allow other users to book over you commented reservation in case you did not complete your booking for the reserved period within 24 hours !
  • Comments should state ‘live’ or ‘fixed’ sample (implemented as Special Environment 1 in PPMS)
  • All users are restricted to booking only 1 confocal system at a time (no parallel booking): indicated in booking systems
  • Weekend bookings are to be restricted to a max duration of 24h

! please see further details about bookings and specific guidelines in the booking system web-page


  1. All user (#1) need to free up any system before the next user (#2) from the start of the next slot: leave a clean and tidy system that is ready to be used by the next user (including sample removal!)
  2. Overnight booking (23:00 – 08:00h): users can book realistic time slots, according the  following guidelines:
    • User#1 books until midnight/later, e.g. 3 a.m.: if at the start of the booked slot of users#1 there are no booking between 3 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. => user#1 needs to remove sample and shutdown system –OR- prolong booking until planned sample removal according to point 2
    • User#1 books until midnight/later (e.g. 3 a.m.) AND user#2 starts at 5 a.m.: any user that starts before prime-time (08:30) agrees by default to remove the sample from User#1.; at the start of the booked slot, User#1 prolongs their reservation until the start of users#2 slot
  3. In case anything is not in order, and not reported by User#2, User#2 takes over responsibility of the system!

To clarify for ‘booking logic’: all the time a system is switched on, a system needs to be booked!


  • If you cancel a booking less than 24 hours prior to the starting time: send a Slot-Is-Free-For-You (SIFFY) email to
  • If you cancel a booking less than 24 hours prior to the starting time, your group will be charged for the booked time, unless another user books the resource at this time

→  a SIFFY e-mail is obligatory, as it can help other users to use system!

  • In case you are over 30 minutes late for your booking, you need to send out an SIFFY e-mail: not doing so will be considered a ‘no-show’ and any other user can contact the facility to take over the remaining time of your booking.
  •  A ‘no-show’ is eligible to be penalized, since you are blocking resources for other users


In cases that people do not switch off systems correctly, produce (unconscious) damage or leave a mess we have a 4-step penalties system. Each event has 1-year validity; i.e if all 4 offenses happen within 12 month, the user will be banned. Please do not let it get this far

  • 1st penalty event: ‘Official’ warning
  • 2nd penalty event: System is booked and charged for this user from the time s/he finished till the time we found it (+ notification E-mail to PI)
  • 3rd penalty event: Person loses booking and entrance permissions outside of core facility hours for 2 weeks (Novice* user rights), the system is booked and charged for this user from the time s/he finished till the time we found it (+ notification E-mail to PI)
  • 4th penalty event: Person loses booking and entrance permissions, and can have assisted-only access to the facility instruments for 1 month. This involves (1) personal assistance charges and (2) dependence on our availability as well as limitation to the normal working times

* Novices can only book (and thus use) systems  during ‘core facility hours’: Mo-Fr 9:00am – 5:00pm

Attention: Users who use systems without booking proceed immediately to point 3!

Attention: Users who produce instrument damage and do not inform imaging facility personal IMMEDIATELY per email, proceed directly to point 4!