Data storage policy

  1. The computers of the BioImaging Facility should not be used for data storage: data should be stored on your own file server or scratch-drive* for image processing.
  2. The use of USB data-carriers is strictly forbidden on all BioImaging Facility microscope and analysis workstations!
  3. Always save files on the intended local data drives during acquisition and image analysis: not on desktop!
  4. Never save any data on C-drive of the BioImaging Facility microscope and analysis computers. Data and user profiles on C-drive (and desktop) slow down system performance significantly. data on C-drives will be delete by an automated script. Ignoring this warning will result in permanent data loss.
  5. Data on microscope and analysis computers are not backed-up: backup your data to your file-server as soon as you are done with the acquisition, and delete locally stored data.
  6. Shortcuts for the file-server connection on the desktops to facilitate data-transfer** from BioImaging Facility computers
  7. Data on microscope and analysis computers are cleaned once a month: all data older than one month will be deleted***. It is greatly when you save us this work and delete them by yourself!
  8. Be aware that data stored on the local drive of a microscope and analysis computers can delete accessed and deleted by any other user if there is not have enough space to record new experiment-data.
  9. the BioImaging Facility is not responsible for any data loss due to prolonged storage, ie data loss that occurred not immediately during your booked acquisition slot.

In short: backup your data immediately and do not rely on our computers as data storage spaces!

* Scratch: a central data processing drive

Our analysis workstation are all connected to a network drive named ‘scratch‘ via a 10 GBit network! This allows users to process data directly on scratch thereby and copying to local  hard drives is not needed anymore, which saves you a lot of time. Please bear in mind that any data that has not been re-saved for longer than 30 days will automatically be deleted

** Data transfer takes significant time! ← how fast is your internet connection ← how fast is your connection to the IST

Please be aware that transfer of data takes significant time: you can test the speed of data-transfer of any microscope workstation by using the speed-docker. Please take the time that is needed to copy your data into account with your bookings. You have to use the local account on the microscope and use the connection script and copy data to your personal drive (H) or to your group drive (k) – this is policy and the infrastructure behind the computer installation is set up this way (unless differently indicated in manual). 

*** reduced data-safe period

For some systems we were forced to reduce the storage-sate time to only 2 weeks! Please try to transfer and erase data directly after your experiment!