Guidelines & Booking

Getting Started:

  • To get started using our services, you will find all needed infomratoin on our ‘Getting Started page‘.

Facility policies

Please also make yourselves familiar with our facility policies:

Booking system

  • All Scientific Service Units (SSUs) make use of the same online booking system PPMS.
  • Please find some tips and tricks a here: Booking system (PPMS).
  • Any issues with the booking system, or requests to change cost accounts need to be done by email to

Safety Guidelines

  • Biosafety
  • Laser safety
  • Covid-19

In case of instrument damage:

  • Any damage needs to be reported via any of the central (bio)imaging support channels immediately – including liquid spills!


We are communicating updates about events and systems through mailing lists.

  1. is used by the BioImaging Facility staff to send out relevant notification about BIF guidelines, news and events.  This list is obligatory to all users of the bio-imaging facility. All users will be added to this list by the Bio Imaging Facility staff.
  2. is to be used to send out emails ‘from users to users’ of the bio-imaging facility. This is an additional non-obligatory mailing list has been, for which you can sign up via ICP self-service
  3. SIFFY emails need to be sent to this is a ‘from users to users’ mailing list of the bio-imaging facility. please sign up via ICP self-service
  4. (bio)imaging support: all options to contact us → (bio)imaging facility support