(Bio-)imaging Facility Info & Support

Hereby an overview of the central communication channels and information platforms for requesting Support from the Bioimaging Facility (please note the order of listing).

1. Website: we have tried to share all relevant information about services, equipment, application information and guidelines on our website (https://bif.pages.ist.ac.at/) → please try the search option too!

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2. E-mail ticketing system: emails sent to bioimaging@ist.ac.at are queued in our central ticketing system →  responsible person will reply to your query!

  • Report an incident: please report any incident with BIF equipment in the PPMS booking system → how to
  • Request a training: all training are to be requested in the PPMS booking system(how to)
  • Request Assistance: fill out a request form to coordinate assistance

3. Chat: IST chat can be reached from our equipment (www.chat.ist.ac.at), or via your mobile phone (browser or app). The following (Bio)imaging Facility channels are available:

  • #bioimagingfacility: immediate (remote) issues for microscopy & image analysisRocket.Chat | fairkom
  • #bif_cytometry: immediate (remote) issues for cytometry
  • Optional:Direct messaging with (Bio-)imaging Facility staff for more detailed remote troubleshooting

! Rocket-chat is provided by IST Austria – with help from its IT department. It is a campus-wide ‘slack-like’ chat option (more info) that can be used via web browser as well as mobiles App (download site).

  • The Rocket Chat allows a ‘notification management’ – in order not to be spammed by the shared channel(s)
  • Please refrain from using WhatsApp or Signal for direct messaging of BIF staff

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4. Telephone: during core facility hours, we can be reached on +43-(0)2243 9000-2151. This is a land-line → your call might not be answered in case no BIF staff members availble in the office!


5. Meet: https://meet.ist.ac.at/this channel is only to be used when BIF staff invites you! Jitsi is an open-source video conferencing platform based on Jitsi-Meet, that uses encryption. It is hosted on-premises, so it can also be reached from most of our systems – as well as from your mobile too (for audio). Just connect to https://meet.ist.ac.at from the Chrome browser (only), and enter a name for your meeting → we might invite you to a ‘meet-session’  to provide remote assistance

6. Cancellation Mailing lists: Message Clipart Mail Symbol - Envelope Red Icon - Png Download (503x720), Png Downloadimaging-cancellation[at]lists.ist.ac.at is to be used to send out emails ‘from users to users’ of the bio-imaging facility. This is an additional non-obligatory mailing list, for which you can sign up via ICP self-service.

! Additional Information:

  • Information Mailing lists: imaging[at]lists.ist.ac.at is solely by the bio-imaging facility staff to send out relevant notification about BIF guidelines, news and events → mostly summarized in our weekly update.  This list is obligatory to all users of the (Bio)imaging Facility: all users will be added to this list by the (Bio)imaging Facility staff


  • BIF COVID-19 guidelines: information about the current (bio-)imaging facility COVID-19 guidelines are continuously updated, and can be found on our a separate website → more info
  • IST COVID-19 guidelines:  the IST COVID-19 guidelines are centrally distributed by the EHS department and can be found → here