Location: I06.U1.403 (LBE)

Inverted TIRF (Spinning Disk) microscope:

  • 360° TIRF (Total Internal reflection)-microscopy with all laser lines possible
    Pinhole size optimized for 60x objective

Laser lines: 405, 445, 488, 561, 640 nm (Omicron Sole engine)

  • Emission filters:
    Quad emission filter 445/40, 523/40, 600/40, 670/40
    YFP filter 535/50
    CFP filter 510/84


  1. 20x/0.75 dry,
  2. 100x/1.49 oil imm (for TIRF imaging)
  3. 60x/1.35 oil imm (for SD imaging),
  4. Olympus 60x/1.49 oil imm (for TIRF imaging)


  1. TIRF with Andor TuCam Detection
  2. multi-position (Motorized stage)
  3. Spinning disk


  1. Andor 897straight (X-8449) 512×512 pixel and Andor 897 (X-8533) 512×512 pixel for dual camera widefield and TIRF imagin (TuCam)
  2. Andor 885 for spinning disc imaging. Optimal sampling for Andor 885 (1004 x 1002pixel) is with 60x objective

Filter options for TuCam:

four different filter sets including beam splitter are available


  1. LA (Life Aquisition) version: 6.2.1 including the database
  2. OA (Offline Analysis Streamer)

software options: Spinning disc+FRAP, widefield+FRAP, TIRF+FRAP, Overview scan, Fast Joystick Movement, individual calibrations for TIRF center, TIRF angles, TIRF lens positions possible per objective and laser line

Sample handling:

  1. Temperature chamber
  2. CO2 mixer available

Contact persons: