Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry equipment:

FACS Aria III booking policy

  • 1. Startup and shutdown of the BD FACS Aria III is performed by Bioimaging Facility staff only: we cannot make exceptions, as they result in down-times and additional costs.
  • 2. FACS Aria III service is provided during the following times: 9:00 – 17:00 Mondays to Thursdays and  9:00 – 15:00 on Fridays.
  • 3. To ensure availability of a service even in normal working times, it has to be booked two working days in advance (i.e., Monday for Wednesday etc.). Weekend days count as one day- i.e. , you have to book on Friday to ensure service on Monday. If service is booked in advance, the facility team guarantees that the service will be provided.
  • 4. Short-term bookings are only possible via email to the facility. If FACS service is booked on shorter term, we TRY to match your needs, but cannot guarantee it. The reason is that our FACS experts are also providing other services and have to plan their time in advance.
  • 5. In case late sorts (past 17:30 pm) or weekend sorts are required: we cannot guarantee them. In case there is a SERIOUS experimental demand on this, we can discuss it on case-by-case basis and look for a solution
  • 6. If your configuration (nozzle size, temperature or sample collection rack) differs from that of the previous user or if you are the first user at the time of booking, please make sure you always select the “Set sorting configurations by BIF” checkbox (see image below). This reserves a time buffer before your slot for the reconfiguration of the sorter – otherwise we’ll have to do it in your session!

Please mark the checkbox in order to reserve a buffer time (free of charge) before your slot to guarantee enough time for calibrating the machine for your session.