Equipment & Resources

The Bioimaging Facility is facilitating the use and maintenance of an wide variety of advanced Microscopy, Imaging analysis and Cytometry devices, as well as software licenses and system accessories. Before anyone can make use of any system, users need to complete a training by the Bio-Imaging Facility team before bookings can be made.


00. Cytometry

  1. BD CANTO II analyzer (room i04.EG.017): book in PPMS
  2. BD Aria III sorter (room i04.EG.017): book in PPMS
  3. SONY SH800 sorter (room i04.EG.017): book in PPMS
  4. FlowJo (remote): book in PPMS

01. Widefield Microscopes

  1. Olympus VS120 slide scanner (room i06.U1.406): book in PPMS
  2. Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted (room i04.U1.018): book in PPMS
  3. Nikon Eclipse Ti2E-01 inverted (room i06.U1.406): book in PPMS
  4. Nikon Eclipse Ti2E-02 inverted (room i04.U1.015): book in PPMS
  5. Neurolucida (room i04.U1.018): book in PPMS
  6. Zeiss Axioscope (room i06.U1.403): book in PPMS

02. Confocal Microscopes

  1. Leica SP5 upright *(room i04.U1.019): book in PPMS
  2. Leica SP5 inverted*(room i04.U1.019): book in PPMS
  3. Leica SP8 inverted + FALCON (room i04.U1.015): book in PPMS
  4. Leica SP8 upright + FALCON (room i04.U1.015): book in PPMS
  5. Zeiss LSM800-1 inverted (room i06.U1.405): book in PPMS
  6. Zeiss LSM800-2 upright + Airyscan (room i06.U1.403): book in PPMS
  7. Zeiss LSM800-3 inverted (room i06.U1.406): book in PPMS
  8. Zeiss LSM800-4 inverted + Airyscan (room i04.U1.018): book in PPMS
  9. Zeiss LSM800-5 vertical 1 (room i04.O3.014): book in PPMS
  10. Zeiss LSM800-6 Vertical 2 + Airyscan (room i04.O3.014): book in PPMS
  11. Zeiss LSM880 inverted + Fast Airyscan (room i06.U1.406): book in PPMS
  12. Zeiss LSM880 Upright + Airyscan (room i06.U1.403): book in PPMS
  13. Zeiss LSM900-1 upright + Airyscan 2 (i04.U1.015): book in PPMS

03. Multiphoton Microscopes

  1. LaVision TRIMscope MP inverted + FLIM (room i04.U1.019): book in PPMS
  2. LaVision TRIMscope MP upright (room i04.U1.018): book in PPMS
  3. Leica Sp8 DIVE Multiphoton + confocal (room i04.U1.018) : book in PPMS

04. Spinning Disk

  1. Andor SD & laser cutter microscope (room i04.U1.019): book in PPMS
  2. TILL Photonics SD & TIRF (room i06.U1.403): book in PPMS

05. Multi-modal multi-point confocal

06. TIRF Microscopes

  1. Olympus IX83 TIRF (room i06.O2.031): book in PPMS
  2. Visitron iLAS2 TIRF + FRAP (room i04.U1.018): book in PPMS

07. Light sheet Microscopes

08. Force probing equipment

09. Stereo Microscopes (No Charge);

  1. Leica stereo microscope (room i04.U1.019): book in PPMS
  2. Olympus Stereo BFB (room i04.U1.018): book in PPMS
  3. Olympus Stereo LBE (room i06.U1.403): book in PPMS
  4. Zeiss Stereo Discovery (room i06.U1.406)

10. Workstations: specifications (Image Analysis);

  1.  Analysis Workstation 01 (I01.O3.052b): book in PPMS
  2.  Analysis Workstation 02 (I01.O3.052b): book in PPMS
  3.  Analysis Workstation 03 (I01.O3.052b): book in PPMS
  4.  Analysis Workstation 04* (I01.O3.052b): book in PPMS
  5.  Analysis Workstation 05 (I01.O3.052b): book in PPMS
  6.  Analysis Workstation 06 (I01.O3.052b): book in PPMS
  7.  Analysis Workstation 07 (I01.O3.052a): book in PPMS
  8.  Analysis Workstation 08 (I01.O3.052a): book in PPMS
  9.  Analysis Workstation 09 (I01.O3.052a): book in PPMS
  10.  Analysis Workstation 10 (I01.O3.052a): book in PPMS
  11.  Analysis Workstation 11 (I01.O3.052a): book in PPMS
  12.  Analysis Workstation R1 (remote): book in PPMS – machine learning

11. Software: more info (€ = licensed);

  • arivis Vision4D (1x float) –
  • Bitplane Imaris (8x float) + clearview (1x) + stitcher (1x) –
  • Fiji / Image J
  • FlowJo –
  • Ilastik
  • Imspector –
  • Mathworks matlab –
  • SVI Huygens (2x float) –
  • Wolfram Mathematica
  • Zeiss ZEN (v2.1 / v2.3 /  v2.5 / v3.1) –

12. Accessories: Camera, peristaltic pump, Thermometer info (location: i04.U1.Rentals)

13. Optical Tools: power meter, spectral meter, wavefront sensorinfo (location: i04.U1.Rentals)

14. Rental High-end objectives: Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss info (location: i04.U1.Rentals)

ii. EQUIPEMENT PER BUILDING – I.S.T. Austria Campus_Map

i01 – central building

i04 – Berthalanffy Foundation Building (BFB)

i06 – Lab Building East (LBE)

i23 –  Multi-purpose Hall

  • CO3: under construction

* System has been replaced, and will be available for only limited remaining time