Bioimaging Facility

Institute of Science and Technology Austria
c/o Bioimaging Facility
Am Campus 1,
A-3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria

Contact for general facility inquiries:
Office1: Bertalanffy Foundation Building (BFB), room i04.EG.037
Office2: Lab Building Bast (LBE), room i06.EG.107
contact the bioimaging facility: email

Manager of Bioimaging Facility:
Gabriel Krens
phone: +43 2243 9000 1700 – or email

Scientific Head of Bioimaging Facility:
Mario de Bono

Division Head Scientific Service Units:
Roland Gansch

Information on how to how to start using the services provided by the (Bio)imaging Facility can be found here here.

Inquiries and trainings for external researcher can be submitted o the (Bio)imaging Facility by email. Internal request should be submitted via the PPMS booking system.