General Information

Welcome to the Bio-Imaging Facility!

We are happy to provide you with our services. Services we provide comprise of:

  • Maintaining state-of-the-art microscopy and flow cytometry equipment
  • Basic training and advanced support for using the equipment, as well as customer-oriented project consulting
  • Image analysis – FIJI, Matlab, Imaris, Ilastik and ‘custom’ user-oriented solutions
  • Optical development

What to do to use our services:

  1. Contact our team by email and including: your name, group/PI, cost center (!) and describe what type of microscope you want to use
  2. Get initial training for using each specific setup. Special training from a Bio-Imaging Facility staff member is required before you use any piece of equipment for the first time

More information can be found in the menu Guidelines and Booking 

How to reach us on campus: the central I.S.T. Austria reception is located in the 2nd Administration Building (i07). The Facility offices are located in i04.EG.037 and i06.EG.108 (

Higher resolution of campus map: IST_Campus_Map_June_2017

Bioimaging facility rooms on campus:

Central Building (I01)

  • I01.03.52-a: image analysis room (19,79m² )
  • I01.03.52-b: image analysis room (26,30m²)

Bertalanffy Foundation Building (i04): our main office is located in room i04.EG.037

  • I04.02.033: microscope room (4,55m²)
  • I04.03.014: microscope room (13,64m²)
  • I04.EG.017: cytometry room (43,45m²)
  • I04.U1.015: microscope room (72,60m² )
  • I04.U1.018: microscope room (47,80m²)
  • I04.U1.019: microscope room (53,40m²)

Lab Building East (i06): we have a second Bioimaging Facility office in room i06.EG.108

  • I06.U1.403: microscope room (33,32m²)
  • I06.U1.405: microscope room (21,33m² )
  • I06.U1.406: microscope room (24,61m²)

Multi-purpose hall (CO3):

  • CO3.EG.008a – demo & optical development room