Book Huygens as seperate recourse

Please start booking SVI Huygens Devonclution software as seperate recourse in PPMS! There is no additional charge to this, but we want to make it more clear to you to see the availability of our recources. We have 2 floating licenses that can be bookede here: SVI Huygens float 1 SVI Huygens float 2

Update semi-automated cell sorter: installation and seminar March 21, 2019 – 9 a.m.

We would like to inform you that the Sony Sh800 semi-automated cell sorter is being installed next week and will very soon be introduced in the BioImaging Facility. Dr. Sebastian Weißmann (Sony Biotechnology) will once more hold a seminar to introduce the semi-automated Sony SH800 cell sorter on next Thursday (March 21), from 9-10am  in Mondi 1. This seminar is an unique change to get a much deeper insight into the new sorters technology; ‘do’s & don’ts’ and insights in flow cytometry applications. Joining this seminar will give you an head-start in case you are interested to use the sorter Read More …

Demo: Leica SP8 – Falcon (FLIM), March 18-22 all day

We will have the Leica SP8 FALCON (1) with white light laser (WLL) and FLIM detector & Thunder wide filed imagers (2) for a demonstration at IST Austria   SEMINARS, Tuesday March 19: 10:00-11:00, Mondi 1 – SP8 FALCON Fluorescent Life Time Imaging 11:00-12:00, Mondi 1 – Optical clearing with Thunder   The Leica demonstration will have 3 devices that can be tried out during your own hand on session! Leica SP8 Falcon  with Fluorescence Life Time Detector →sign up in our Falcon-doodle THUNDER Imager 3D Live Cell & 3D Cell Culture  → sign up here Thunder-doodle THUNDER Imager Model Read More …

The 3rd NEUBIAS Conference – Luxembourg, 2 – 8 February 2019

the 3rd NEUBIAS conference facilitate the gathering the whole BioImage Analysis Community into a multi-faceted event: two parallel Training Schools for selected early career and advanced analysts Working Meeting (Taggathon) for invited taggers, Large Symposium dedicated to recent Scientific Developments and Open Tools in BioImage Analysis. Details: Luxembourg, 2 – 8 February 2019  

EMBO Symposium at EMBL; Seeing is Believing – Imaging the Molecular Processes of Life

In fall of 2019, there will be an EMBO symposium ‘Seeing is Believing – Imaging the Molecular Processes of Life’ at EMBL that will bring together the leading developers of imaging methods with cutting edge applications that illustrate how imaging can answer biological questions. The Seeing is Believing 2019 edition will emphasize on methods for capturing the dynamics of life, that span the whole range from molecular resolution to imaging of whole organisms. details: Location – EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 9 – 12 Oct 2019 Registration – 28 Aug 2019 Abstract – 17 Jul 2019

Demo: Photometrics 95B, BSI and IRIS camera , Feb 19 all day

“Photometrics is visiting the IST Campus on February 19, 2019, to showcase the latest in camera developments for life science applications. We´ll show the following products based on Scientific CMOS technology: Prime 95B – the EMCCD replacement: true 95% quantum efficiency through back-illumination, 82 fps, 11 x 11 um^2 pixel to achieve optimal Nyquist sampling with 100x/>1.4NA objectives, available with 18.8, 22 and 25mm field of view Prime BSI – the versatile solution with the best signal-to-noise available on the market: true 95% quantum efficiency through back-illumination, 63 fps, 6.5 x 6.5 um^2 pixel achieving optimal Nyquist sampling 60x/>1.4NA objectives, Read More …