Olympus IX83 TIRF



Total Internal Reflection (TIRF) microscope from Olympus (Japan)

  • Olympus IX83 inverted microscope equipped with a Cell^TIRF module
  • motorized stage for multiple position imaging
  • Incubator and CO2 supply for live cell imaging

light sources:

  • CW Diode Lasers, laser lines 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 640 nm
  • Transmitted light

filter sets:

  • Quadfiltercube: zt405-488-561-640rpc from Chroma (USA) and FF01-446/523/600/677-25 from Laser2000 (UK)
  • GFP filter cube: LP491; BP 525/45


  •  Hammamatsu ImagEM X2 EM-CCD: C9100-13, (512×512 pixels, pixel size = 16µm)


cellSens Dimension 2.2

dual channel splitting optics:

W-VIEW GEMINI image splitting optics from Hammamatsu (Japan) provide one pair of dual-wavelength images separated by a dichroic mirror onto a single camera.

Filter options are: Green (524/27) /Red (617/73); Green (525/50) /FarRed (700/75); Red (579/34)/FarRed(700/75)

Dichroic mirrors: T580; T640


  1. Olympus UAPON OTIRF 100x /1.40 OIL for TIRF imaging
  2. Olympus Uplan SApo 100x/1.40 OIL
  3. UAPON 0340 40xOIL available for brightfield and widefield fluorescence modes only !!!
  4. TIRF Tool 0.5x for alignment purposes, BIF Only !!!

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