The bioimaging facility has a a number of (high end) objectives that are not mounted on microscopes, but can still be used on request. These objectives need to be booked in our booking system and picked up at our office (I04.EG.037).

We are working on an automated loan platform that is to be launched mid-2020.

Available objectives

  • NIKON Apochromat 40x W NA 1.15/WD 0.60 mm – Water (I04.EG.037)
  • NIKON P-Apochromat 20x NA 0.95 / WD 0.95 mm– Water (I04.EG.037)
  • Nikon Plan Apo 10x NA 0.50/WD 2,0 mm – Glycerol (I04.EG.037)
  • Olympus 10x/ NA 0.6 (wd 8.0 mm) SCALEVIEW-A2 (Water, Silicone oil, and Normal oil available) XLPLN10XSVMP