Stereo Microscopes

  1. Leica stereo microscope (room i04.U1.019): book in PPMS
  2. Olympus Stereo BFB (room i04.U1.018): book in PPMS
  3. Olympus Stereo LBE (room i06.U1.403): book in PPMS
  4. Zeiss Stereo Discovery (room i06.U1.406)

Widefield Microscopes

  1. Olympus VS120 slide scanner (room i06.U1.406): book in PPMS
  2. Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted (room i04.U1.018): book in PPMS
  3. Nikon Eclipse Ti-2E inverted (room i06.U1.406): book in PPMS
  4. Neurolucida (room i04.U1.018): book in PPMS
  5. Zeiss Axioscope (room i06.U1.403): book in PPMS

Confocal Microscopes

  1. Leica SP5 upright *(room i04.U1.019):
  2. Leica SP5 inverted*(room i04.U1.019):
  3. Leica SP8 inverted + FALCON (room i04.U1.015):
  4. Leica SP8 upright + FALCON (room i04.U1.015):
  5. Zeiss LSM800-1 inverted (room i06.U1.405):
  6. Zeiss LSM800-2 upright + Airyscan (room i06.U1.403):
  7. Zeiss LSM800-3 inverted (room i06.U1.406):
  8. Zeiss LSM800-4 inverted (room i04.U1.018):
  9. Zeiss LSM800-5 vertical 1 (room i04.O3.014):
  10. Zeiss LSM800-6 Vertical 2 + Airyscan (room i04.O3.014):
  11. Zeiss LSM880 Upright + Airyscan (room i06.U1.403):
  12. Zeiss LSM880 inverted + Fast Airyscan (room i06.U1.406):

Multiphoton  Microscopes

  1. LaVision TRIMscope MP upright (room i04.U1.018):
  2. LaVision TRIMscope MP inverted + FLIM (room i04.U1.019):

Multi-modal multi-point confocal

  1. Andor Dragonfly 505 (room i04.U1.015):

Spinning Disk

  1. Andor SD & laser cutter microscope (room i04.U1.019)
  2. TILL Photonics SD & TIRF (room i06.U1.403):

TIRF Microscopes

  1. Visitron iLAS2 TIRF + FRAP (room i04.U1.018):
  2. Olympus IX83 TIRF (room i06.O2.031):

Light sheet Microscopes

  1. OpenSPIM Light Sheet Microscope (room i06.U1.405)

Force probing equipment


* System has been replaced, and will be available for only limited remaining time