DEMO: PRIMO Micropatterning, 22 June – 22 July 2021

The Bioimaging Facility at IST Austria is hosting a demonstration of Alvéole’s PRIMO system: a UV-light based micropatterning system.

This micropatterning system works as a UV-projector that is coupled to a microscope. In this way you are able to project any microscopic image onto your sample with UV light which opens up a long list of possible applications:

  • Create controlled and reproducible microenvironments for cells, tissue engineering, spheroids, etc.
  • Control adhesion forces, cell confinement, cell migration, tissue engineering
  • Contactless and maskless photopatterning

DEMO SCHEDULE:  The Alvéole’s PRIMO will be installed on the 22.06.2021 and subsequently it is available for testing for one month on the Nikon CSU-W1-SORA-IR

Tuesday 22.06. :

Wednesday 23.06. :

  • Morning: General presentation of the setup and the software
  • Afternoon: Micropatterning

Thursday 24.06.:

  • Morning: Hydrogel structuration
  • Afternoon: microfabrication (photolithography)


Here is an overview of the many, possible applications:

Manuals, protocols, tutorials, videos, from Seafile:

More info about the system:

PRIMO Bioengineering Technology

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