DEMO: Leica DIVE CS: August 2020

PostedThe Bioimaging Facility isTThe bioimaging facility will host the  Leica SP8 DIVE CS multiphoton for a demonstration at IST Austriafrom mid-July until mid-August.  We offer half-day assisted slots during core facility hours from August 10 – August 28, 2020.

  • Seminar: Daniel Smeets, Leica TCS DIVE multi-photon –  Tuesday, August 4th, 9:00 a.m., Heinzel Seminar Room / Office Bldg West.

Test-slots: Please send a request to, with a short sample description and preference of day and time (morning / afternoon) →  confirmed slots are also listed in PPMS/schedule/MP/DEMO Leica DIVE

System specification: what can the system do or be used for: system brochure

  • Multi-photon imaging: life, fixed, cleared + confocal option
  • Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging (FALCON FLIM)
  • Time gated quisition


  • Fixed stage microscope Leica DM8 CS
  • Multi-photon: IR Laser Spectra Physics InSight DeepSee (680-1300 nm) + Dual 1045
    • Spectral NDD-module 4Tune 4 channel (2 PMT, 2 HyD) 
  • confocal: VIS-Laser 405nm,488nm, 552nm, 638nm diodes
    • 1 PMT, 2 GaAsP-HyD
  • + Resonant scanner
  • Cascaded IR black optical table with exchangable in vivo and in vivtro mounts, and additional:
    • Total 1300 mm x 1500mm;Scientifica MMBP “Motorised Moveable Base Plate” (MMBP): (0.1 micron steps / 50 mm range)
    • SuperZ Galvo stage (20nm steps / 1500 micron range)
  • Single objective slider and additional 6x objective turret


    • Objective HC PL APO 10x/0.40 CS2 Plan apochromatic  – Air / WD  2.2mm)
    • HC PL APO 63x/1.40 OIL CS Plan apochromat – oil / WD 0.14 mm
    • HC PL IRAPO 40x/1.1 W CORR.  water /  WD = 0.65 mm  → MP: 470-1200 nm
    • Objective HC IRAPO L 25x/1.00 W mot IRAPO – water / WD  2.6 mm. ) – Motorized correction collar → MP: 470-1200 nm
    • HC FLUOTAR L 16x/0.8 IMM motCORR VISIR. – water / WD  8.15 mm. ) – Motorized correction collar → MP: 470-1200 nm


The system comes with a cascaded optical table that allows mounting of large samples.

DETECTION:  the DIVE system come with the uniquer non-descanned 4-tune technology system that allows to dynamically select the emission spectrum when imaging in Multi-photon. This is especially interesting for new dyes and to select different spectral regions for simultaneous acquisition and unmixing of fluorophores, such as rainbow labeling strategies.

DateMorning Slot
09:00 am - 12:00 am
Afternoon Slot
01:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Tuesday 04th of AugustLectureBIF
Wednesday 05th of AugustBIF + Lora SweeneyBIF + Lora Sweeney
Thursday 06th of AugustBIF + Lora SweeneyBIF
Friday 07th of AugustBIFBIF
Monday 10th of AugustDiana Pinheiro - HEI (zebrafish development, from 2.30 pm)
Tuesday 11th of AugustPhilipp Velicky, Wiebke Jahr, Danzl group
Wednesday 12th of AugustKarla Huljev - Hei (Zebrafish + MP photo-conversion)
Thursday 13th of AugustLora SweeneyPatricia Rodrigues - Sixt (SGM in collagen gels)
Friday 14th of AugustLora SweeneyXin Tong, Heisenberg group
Monday 17th of AugustBIF-training
Tuesday 18th of AugustBIF-trainingNikhil Mishra, HEI (zebafish multi-color)
Wednesday 19th of AugustXin Tong - HEI (zebrafish multi-color)Stefania Tavano -HEI (zebrafish gastrulation)
Thursday20th of AugustLora SweeneyBIF-training
Friday 21st of AugustLora SweeneyKasumi Kishi - KIC (cleared mouse + SHG?)
Monday 24th of AugustFrank Assen, M. Hons - Sixt (mouse intravital Lymphnode)
Tuesday 25th of AugustVerena Hübschmann -SIE (...)Frank Assen, M. Hons - Sixt (mouse intravital Lymphnode)
Wednesday 26th of AugustFrank Assen, M. Hons - Sixt (mouse intravital Lymphnode)
Thursday 27th of AugustLora Sweeney + Katarina (axolotl) Lora Sweeney + Katarina (axolotl)
Friday 28th of AugustLora Sweeney + Katarina (axolotl) Lora Sweeney + Katarina, Tzi-Yang Lin (axolotl): max until 15h) - end of workshop