BIF updated wk22: seminar / workshop / reduced availability / construction new room

Dear colleagues,

To reduce the amount of emails, we will try to send out weekly updates for as far as possible from now on:

  • We are hosting a seminar from Christine Strasser about confocal detectors and ZEN blue today at 9:30h in Mondi3

  • The Zeiss Elyra 7 workshop is still ongoing this week in building west: please inform us timely when your plans change.

  • Due to the Austrian BioOptics Facility meeting organized on campus on Tuesday May 28th – there will be minimal support available from the BIF team!
  • The construction of the new microscope room in BFB will go into the next phase: breakout of new door opening & closing of old door –  this will lead to some additional noise and dust. We try to minimize the burden for you.
  • We will add additional updates for for wk22 below,…

We will send out an separate email with the winner of the open campus

BioImaging Facility

I.S.T. Austria