Construction works: corridor basement i04/BFB

Dear all,

The Construction and Maintenance Team have informed us that from tomorrow Tuesday May 6th onward there will be ongoing construction work taking place in the basement of the Bertalanffy Foundation Building (room i04.UG.015). The previous pre-clinical facility -room will be converted into a new microscopy room for the BioImaging Facility. 

Please be informed that the construction work will last a few weeks.

! During this time it is rather likely that some noise-producing construction works will be carried out.

! A dust-curtain will be installed in front of room i04.UG.015: please also make use of the sticky mats to reduce the spreading of dust into microscope rooms i04.UG.018 and i04.UG.019

The construction team will do their best to minimize any disturbance and all emergency exits will be usable during the renovation!

If you have any questions or if any problems occur during the renovation, please do not hesitate to contact the construction team and inform the BioImaging Facility Team in case you find this necessary.

We aim to keep you informed as good as we can by posting updates and a time line of the works on this page.

kind regards,

The BioImaging Facility Team